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September 2019 Newsletter

Studio Reminders: 1-No food or drinks, beside water, in the dressing room. Water is the only thing allowed in Studio Centre. If you need to eat, you must do so in the Main Building lobby. 2-Tuition is due in between the 1st and the 7th of each month or a $20 late fee... read more

Onstage America 2019 Results

“Firefly” (Shelbi) Hi-Platinum, Judge’s Choice for “Pocket Full of Sunshine” “Supercut” (Shelbi) Diamond, Title Finalist, 2nd Overall in Senior Advanced Solos “Dynasty” (Catrin) Hi-Platinum “Aurora”... read more

May 2019 Newsletter

Tuition is due by the Tuesday, May 7th! All accounts need to be up to date to allow your child to participate in the recital!   Important Dates: Wednesday, May 1st: Summer Schedule will be out Monday, May 6th: Customer Appreciation week! Save 10% on Summer... read more

Encore Results 2019

“Symphony” (Gabby) Platinum, 2nd in her Category, & 4th Overall in Intermediate Teen Solos “The Rain is Gone” (Hannah) Platinum, 2nd in her Category, Judge’s Choice for “Breath of Fresh Air” “I Like It”... read more

DreamMaker Results 2019

“Conga” (Emma) 5 Stars, 1st in her Category, 1st Overall in Intermediate Junior Solos, PowerPak Scholarship “Not Your Toy” (Avery) 5 Stars, 8th Overall in Advanced Junior Solos “Mr. Sandman” 5 Star Elite, 1st in their Category,... read more

April 2019 Newsletter

Studio Reminders: 1-April Tuition is due by April 7th. Our registration is now closed and now so classes cannot be added or dropped. 2-Recital costumes are starting to come in. Costumes will be arriving anytime from now until the beginning of May. We order from about... read more

Nexstar 2019 Results

Nexstar Results! FSA had another full weekend of competition! We had some insanely fierce competition and held our own! Congratulations! “Symphony” (Gabby) Platinum, 1st in her Category “The Rain is Gone” (Hannah) High Gold, 1st in her Category, Power Pak Invitation... read more

Groove 2019 Results

Groove Results Groove had over 500 entries and had some of the best studios in the country there! And FSA still had Fierce scores! Copy Cat (Claire & Gabby) Elite Diamond, 1st in their Category, & 5th Overall Outta Ya Mind (Izzy & Karrie) Diamond, 1st in... read more

The Power of Dance Results

FSA was invited to the Power of Dance in Woodbridge! We had almost half of our routines compete and it was an amazing weekend! “I Like It” (Hannah) Diamond, 6th Overall in Advanced Tween Solos, Selected as a Power Dancer “Not My Toy” (Avery) Diamond, 7th Overall in... read more