The Fredericksburg Studio of the Arts is fortunate to have a 4,500 square foot facility that takes over 3 units, located in Five Mile Centre Park. Inside our facility there are 4 dance studios. All sudios have professional mirrors and high ceilings and three of our studios have professional marley dance floors.

There are 2 main dance studios, a black box theatre space, and a huge rehearsal studio. Additionally, we also have 2 private music rooms with viewing windows. We have a lot of seating for parents if they need to wait while their child is in class.

We understand that a lot of students have multiple classes in a day with small breaks, so we have a homework room where students can get their school work done. There are also dressing rooms with benches and cubbies so students can quickly change and store their dance bags.

We believe that FSA should feel like a second home to not only your child, but your whole family!

Our Dance Studio at The Fredericksburg Studio of the Arts
Practice Room for dance and ballet at Fredericksburg Studio of the Arts