The LimeLite Theatre Company

Our Mission:

Come and be a part of the LimeLite Theatre Company at the Fredericksburg Studio of the Arts!
This is a way for children in the Fredericksburg Area to receive a very personal show experience with a small cast setting! A lot of theaters for young performers cast every child that auditions and while that is wonderful to share the arts with everyone who wants it, we want to make sure our actors get a personalized education.

At The LimeLite Theatre Company we want to give everyone feedback on their auditions and callbacks. We want them to learn character development and how to workshop different choices with their characters. We want to make sure everyone has the time with our staff to ask questions so no one is just told to stand somewhere for the sake of the scene and not be able to have the discussion as to why their character walks into the scene at that moment and what their purpose is. At the LimeLite Theatre Company, want to create art that matters in our community and for every child to not just add another credit to their resumé, but to close a show and feel they have learned so much about theatre and even more about themselves.


Our Current Shows:

“Into the Woods” Junior for ages 13-18

“A Year With Frog and Toad” Kids ages 10-12

Taught & Directed by Nicole Kent & Laura Matter

The Cast!

Into the Woods:

Narrator: Reagan Holloran
The Baker: Xander Kent
The Baker’s Wife: Allie George
Cinderella: Abby Reinhardt
The Witch: Lexi Carter
Little Red Riding Hood: Kendra Long
Jack: Madison Newberry
Cinderella’s Prince: Chris Adams
Rapunzel’s Prince: Aidan Brown
The Wolf: Caleb Bloom
Jack’s Mother: Eleanor Wallace
Mysterious Man: Melvyn McIntosh
Rapunzel: Natalie Moore
The Steward: Peter Weiss
Cinderella’s Stepmother: Molly Puckett
Florinda: Ava Pippin
Lucinda: Abby Walker
Cinderella’s Mother: Reagan Holloran
Cinderella’s Father: Peter Weiss
Granny: Ava Pippin
Milky White: Abby Walker

The Cast!

A Year With Frog and Toad Kids:

Frog: Sophie Fiore
Toad: Alyson Parkinson
Turtle: Willow Kent
Mouse: David Adams
Lizard: Geneva Iem
Snails: Patrick Dixon, Miranda Leuer, Brianna McRay
Birds: Ava DePaol, Geneva Iem, Natalie Jones, Aly McRay, Chloe Pippin, Sami Shelton
Squirrels: Willow Kent, Aly McRay
Moles: Geneva Iem, Chloe Pippin, Sami Shelton


“Into the Woods” Junior at Wilderness Baptist Church Saturday, November 21st 1pm and 4pm & Sunday, November 22nd at 4pm

“A Year With Frog & Toad” Kids at Wilderness Baptist Church Saturday, December 12th at 2pm


Tickets are $10