June 2014 (Our Last Newsletter of the 2014 Dance Year)

1-Thank you all for your patience and cooperation on Picture day!

2-DVD pre-sales will start next week.

3-On Picture Day I saw a lot of jewelry and nail polish. The only jewelry allowed are small stud earrings and no nail polish of any kind. And if you are wearing paws you cannot wear nail polish on your toes either.

4-Here is the timeline again for next weekend:

DRESS REHEARSAL (Saturday, June 21st) will be held at Riverbend High School. Please look at the cast list to see if your child is in the first and/or second act. If your child is ONLY in the first act they need to arrive at Riverbend by 12:30. They should be done around 3:30ish. Everyone that is in the second act only will need to arrive at 3:00 and should be done around 7:30. If you are in both acts this will be a long day because you will be called from 12:30-7:30. Remember this is a dress rehearsal so all costumes and accessories will be worn, as well as, hair and makeup needs to be done.  This is also a closed rehearsal, so no parents in the auditorium. I cannot give you an exact time for when your child will be done. Just try to guesstimate a few minutes per dance. And youMUST attend Dress Rehearsal to be in the Recital. No exceptions!

THE RECITAL (Sunday, June 22nd) will be held at Riverbend High School. “The Wizard of Oz” will begin at 4:00pm. All students need to arrive in between 3:00-3:15 to check in and will stay backstage the whole entire time. I believe the recital will be over around 6:30. The doors will open for seating at 3:45.

5-Make sure you have paid your June Tuition.

6-And summer classes are filling up or are full. If you are interested in signing up, please do so before the recital.

Thank you for an AMAZING year!!!!!


Miss Laura



Act I Act II
Dorothy Solo Beg. II Contemporary-Flowers
Tiny Tappers-Little Chicks Int. I Tap-Jitterbugs
Auntie Em and Uncle Henry Duet Int. I Contemporary-Butterflies
Adv. I & II Contemporary-Miss Gulch Int. II Contemporary-Birds
Tap/Ballet Combo-Rainbows Beg. I & II Ballet-Poppies
Int. III & Adv. I Ballet-Professor Marvel Beg. III Ballet-Snow
Int. II Hip Hop-Twister Int. II Jazz-Gatekeepers
Int. II Ballet-Welcome to Oz Beg. II Jazz-Welcome to Emerald City
Glinda Solo Int. II Musical Theatre-Emerald City Dancers
Creative Movement-Munchkins Int. II Tap-Attendants
Ballet/Jazz Combo-Munchkins Int. I Jazz-Emerald City Dancers
Boy’s Hip Hop-Lollipop Guild Beg. I & II Musical Theatre-Splish Splash
Pre-Ballet-Lullaby League Beg. II Tap-Hairdressers
Int. I Musical Theatre-Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Adv. I Musical Theatre-Meeting the Wizard
Adv. II & III Ballet-Good vs. Evil Adv. I Tap-Soldiers
Int. I Ballet-The Yellow Brick Road Int. I Hip Hop-Flying Monkeys
Scarecrow Solo Beg. I Tap-Spiders
Adv. I Hip Hop-Crows Beg. I Contemporary-Water
We’re off to see the Wizard-Dorothy & Scarecrow Pointe-There’s No Place Like Home
Tap/Jazz Combo-Apples Curtain Call
Adv. II Tap-Trees
Tinman Solo
Off to see the Wizard-Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman
Beg. I Jazz-Tigers
Tumbling-Forest Creatures
Beg. I Hip Hop-Bears
Lion Solo
Off to see the Wizard-Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion
Adv. I & II Jazz-End of Act I