1-April tuition is now past due.

2-Your recital fee is also due now. This is different than your costume fee. The $60 recital fee goes to the school rental, lighting and sound fees, janitor fees, the backdrop, props, set pieces, etc. But with this fee you can invite anyone to come to the recital. There will be no tickets.

3-We will have a list of all tights, shoes, makeup, and hair styles your child will need soon. Most recital costumes are in and it helps for the teachers to get a look at the students in them before making this decision.

4-If your child is interested in auditioning for the competition team on May 9th, we have more information at the front desk.

5-Information about a video of the recital and recital t-shirts will be available in a few weeks.

6-Attached to this newsletter is information about recital trophies and program advertisements/tributes.

7-Costume Care: Make sure that as costumes arrive that you bring them home and hang them up. Do not leave costumes stuffed in a bag. They will end up being completely wrinkled. Hang up them in a safe place and do not let your child wear them again until picture day. If they rip or get a stain on them, there will be nothing we can do about it.

8-Picture Day! Saturday, May 30th at the studio. Bring all costumes, tights, shoes, makeup, etc. Attached to this is picture day times. Some students will be here all day. I do apologize for that. But we have almost 60 classes we are trying to accommodate for. And if you have a big break in between pictures, feel free to go out and grab food and come back. Just be on time!  We will not wait on anyone!

9- Our 2015 Summer Schedule is now available. We are combining several levels for summer classes, so please be sure to sign up quickly before classes start to fill up.

10- “Once Upon a Time” Dress Rehearsal (Saturday, June 13th) will be at Riverbend High School. This is a mandatory rehearsal. I understand that this will be a long day for many students (especially younger ones), but please understand they will be taken care of by our volunteers. Recital Checklists are at the front desk. Act I students (students in Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel, and Snow White) need to arrive at 1:00. Act II Students (Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Sleeping Beauty) need to arrive at 4:00. Once your child is done with their dance, they can leave. An exact order is posted on our bulletin board.

11-Recital! “Once Upon a Time” Sunday, June 14th at Riverbend High School. All students need to arrive at 1:00. Doors will open at 2:15 for the recital to start at 2:30.

12-Important Dates:

May 9th: 2015-2016 Competition Auditions

May 16th: Music/Acting Recital

May 25th: Closed for Memorial Day

May 30th: Picture Day

June 13th: Dress Rehearsal

June 14th: Recital!!


Laura Romani