Studio Reminders:

1-April Tuition is due by April 7th. Our registration is now closed and now so classes cannot be added or dropped.

2-Recital costumes are starting to come in. Costumes will be arriving anytime from now until the beginning of May. We order from about 12 different companies and they each have their own shipping dates depending if the costumes are in stock or not. When costumes come in, please hang them up in a safe place. Some costumes may need to be steamed, but hanging them up will start to help get the wrinkles out. A lot of times costumes cannot be washed so please make sure your child doesn’t play in them before our Picture Day/Recital.

3- Your June Recital Fee is due with your April tuition. This is not your costume fee. It is $60 per family, with an additional $15 for each sibling participating. Therefore, there are no tickets for the recital. It is free for anyone that wants to come and watch. So your child can invite school friends, their teacher, extended family, etc.

4- Our recital is a few weeks earlier this year due to the school system changing their schedule. Each class only meets 7 or 8 more times so please make sure your child is attending classes regularly. Per your contract, if your child misses more than 4 classes between February and the recital the teacher can determine if a make-up lesson needs to be paid for and scheduled to catch he or she up. Or the teacher has the right to have your child leave the dance routine early. Please know that this is not something we want to do, but each week the teachers need to move on with their choreography and not spend the majority of the class catching up students that have not been attending on a regular basis.

5- We will have more recital information available before Spring Break. (Recital t-shirts, trophies, program ads/tributes, tights, shoes, hairstyles, & times)

6-Information about our summer schedule/competition auditions will be available in the beginning of May.


Important Dates:

April 7th: April Tuition is Due
Friday, April 12th: All June Recital fees are due
Saturday, April 20th-Sunday, April 28th: Studio Closed for Spring Break
Saturday, May 11th: FSA Music Recital
Saturday, May 18th: Recital Picture Day
Sunday, May 19th: Competition Team Auditions
Monday, May 27th: Closed for Memorial Day
Friday, May 31st: Dance Recital Dress Rehearsal at Riverbend High School
Saturday, June 1st: Mary Poppins at Riverbend High Schoo