Dress Rehearsal and Recital Itinerary
1-This Saturday is the Mandatory Rehearsal for “The Nutcracker.” It will be held in Studio Center, which is in Suite 309. Students in Premiere Ballet, Drosselmeyer, and the dolls are needed from 10-11:30. Every other ballet student is needed from 11:30-12:30. Please wear ballet class attire.
2-Studio t-shirts are in for all the students that are in Act II of our recital. We will hand these out this week in class. Your child will bring them home in a bag. Do not lose your t-shirt. You are required to wear it at Dress Rehearsal and the Recital.
3-If your child is in “The Nutcracker” which is Act I of our recital, you are required to be at Riverbend High School on Sunday, December 13th by 12:00. This is so we can get started promptly at 12:30. You can do hair and makeup at home if you don’t think this will allow you enough time to get ready. There will be signs leading to backstage where your child will check in. Then your child will come and meet us to receive their rental costume for the recital. Heather Sieck with Sieck Photography will also be there for pictures. If you are interested in purchasing pictures, you can talk to her during dress rehearsal. Your child will then stay backstage until our recital starts at 2:30. If your child is only in “The Nutcracker” they can leave and watch Act II in the audience with you for free.
4-If your child is in Act II of the recital they are needed on Saturday, December 12th at 5:00 to start at 6:00 at Riverbend High School. They will report backstage. They will need their shoes, tights, shorts, and t-shirt. Once their dance is done, they may leave. You can look at the recital orders posted around the studio to see the order and you can guesstimate about 3 minutes per dance. On Sunday, December 13th is the recital. If your child is only in Act II, they need to check in backstage on the 13th by 2:00 and they need to wear their t-shirt if they want to sit out in the audience and enjoy the 1st Act. Their t-shirt is their ticket. Once intermission starts, your child needs to report backstage immediately so we can start Act II.
5-Tuition is due this week. Your account has to be current for your child to participate in the recital. And will not be accepting payments at dress rehearsal. Everything HAS to be up to date by December 11th.
6-Every family signed a full school year contract (through June 2016) which means if you do not plan to return in January, you need to let us know this week or you will be billed for January as well.
7-Dress Rehearsals are mandatory for participation for the recital. If your child misses dress rehearsal, or is running late and their routine has already gone, your child will not be allowed to participate on the 13th. Also, dress rehearsals are CLOSED rehearsals, which means no parents are allowed to watch.
8-Tickets are on sale this week. Anyone 4 and older will need a ticket to watch the recital. They are $12 here and $12 at the door. At the door, we accept cash or check only.
9-There is a slight possibility that Riverbend High School will not have any curtains for us to use. They had a mold issue and had to take them all down and order new ones. This is disappointing since it will not look as great as I would like, but at the same time, this recital is to show you all what your children have been working on and for everyone to get in the holiday spirit.
10-Recital Make-up: foundation to help with shine from the stage lights, pink blush, red lipstick, neutral colored eyeshadow, and mascara. For children 6 & under: foundations, blush, and lipstick is fine.
11-We will have classes the week after the recital. We will be Closed for Christmas Break from Sunday, December 20th-Sunday, January 3rd.