All Recital information can be found on this webpage!

Studio Reminders:
1-Tuition is due in between the 1st and the 7th of each month or a $20 late fee will be applied.
2-Make sure your “Nutcracker” rental fee has been paid and you are up to date on tuition.
3-Make sure you have all shoes, tights, costumes pieces, make-up, & hair things for Dress Rehearsal & Recital.
4-Tickets go on sale December 2nd! They are $15 each! Tickets will also be on sale at the High School too, but we can only take cash and check.
5-Dress Rehearsal is Mandatory: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19th:
All students in Act I need to arrive in between 3:45-4:00pm so we can begin around 4:30. You will arrive at Riverbend High School, check in at the desk, you’ll receive your dressing room assignment, you will go around the corner to receive your rented costume. When your child’s rehearsal is done, you must check the costume back in with all pieces. All students in Act II need to arrive around 5:15-5:30 to start at 5:45. You will check in at the desk and be given your dressing room assignment.
**Once Your Child is Done with their dance(s) they may leave.
The Recital begins at 6pm. All students in Act I need to arrive and check in at 5:15 to receive their rented costume. During intermission, your child must check in their rented costume with all pieces and they are allowed to watch ACT II for free. All students that are in ACT II need to check in at 5:45, but are allowed to watch ACT I for free, but during intermission they must immediately go to their assigned dressing room so we can start ACT II.
7-RENTAL COSTUMES: Must be returned in their appropriate bag. At Dress Rehearsal they need to be returned to one of our backstage helpers. At the recital they must be returned at Intermission only, not when their routine is done. They cannot be left in the dressing room. They have to be checked in. If they are not checked in with a backstage helper, the costume will be marked as lost and there will be an $80 replacement fee.
8-Your May Costume fees will be in your folders by Thursday, December 12th.
9-If you have any questions, please let us know!

Important Dates:
Saturday, December 7th: Spotsylvania Christmas Parade
December 7th: December Tuition Due
Sunday, December 8th: Christmas Music Recital
Saturday, December 14 & Sunday, December 15th: A Charlie Brown Christmas Performances
Thursday, December 19th: Christmas Recital Dress Rehearsal
Friday, December 20th: Christmas Recital
Thursday, December 19th-Sunday, January 5th: Closed for Christmas
Monday, January 6th: Season 11 Continues!
**Remember, you are signed up for your classes all year, not just by semesters.