Studio Reminders:

1-FSA does not go by semesters. If you have signed up for a class, you are signed up through May. If you plan to drop a class after Christmas you must let us know today or you will be charged for January.

2-We are looking at doing a recital the weekend before Memorial Day at Riverbend High School. As of right now we are planning to have groups come in at different times for rehearsal and to perform so that we can spread out students and their families as much as possible. We are also going to order accessories and/or rent costumes pieces so we are not in the same boat as last year if restrictions tighten as spring go on.

3-We appreciate how everyone has been complying with our new mask policy. Please know this is for everyone’s safety as schools are hybrid and cases are rising in our area. While the governor did not change the rules for our type of business and when exercising starts masks are technically allowed to be taken off, we are going to try to encourage as much mask wearing as we can. Obviously if a student has asthma, feels lightheaded or very out of breath from wearing their mask, they can certainly take it off, but if your child feels they can still dance in it for most or all of their class, we would appreciate him or her doing so. 

4-From December 1st-December 17th we will be collecting donations for the Fredericksburg SPCA. Please consider helping out these animals for Christmas this year! They could really use grain-free dog/cat wet and dry food for their in-house animals. But I will also attached a link.


Important Dates:

December 1st-December 7th: December Tuition Due

Saturday, December 5th or Sunday, December 6th: Tentative Christmas Music Recital

Saturday, December 12th: “A Year with Frog & Toad” show

Monday, December 21st-Sunday, January 3rd: Closed for Christmas Break!

Thursday, January 28th: The Last Day to Enroll in Classes for Season 12

Monday, February 8th-Thursday, February 11th: FSA Spirit Week!

Monday, March 15-Thursday, March 18th: Closed for Spring Break!

Monday, April 5th: Closed for Easter

Wednesday, April 7th: Recital Fees are Due

Saturday, May 15th: Recital Picture Day!

Sunday, May 16th: Spring Music Recital

Saturday, May 23rd: Mandatory Recital Dress Rehearsal

Sunday, May 24th: Recital!