1-February tuition is now due. Please remember that our 2016-2017 registration is now closed. You are signed into your contract through June.

2- February 20th-25th is FSA Spirit Week! Monday: Twin (or Triplet or Quadruplet) Day, Tuesday: Decade Day, Wednesday: Pajama Day, Thursday: Costume/Character Day, Friday: Mis-Match Day, and Saturday is FSA Color Day. Make sure that you can still dance in whatever you wear!

3-“Neverland” costumes are ordered! Costumes will soon start to come in. If your child’s costume fits, it will be sent home. Please hang them up in a safe place.

4-Our inclement weather policy: If we need to close due to bad weather, please check our Facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook page, go to our website (www.FredericksburgStudio.com) and click on the little Facebook icon. Decisions for after school classes will be made by 2:00 and decisions for Wednesday morning classes will be made by 9:30. We do not go by Spotsylvania County Schools closings. We make our own decision. If nothing is written on our Facebook page, then we are obviously open. Each class and private lesson is allowed 2 cancellations before it will be made up.

5-Our Summer Schedule will be available after Spring Break!

6-Remember, 24 hours notice needs to be given if a private lesson needs to be missed.

7-We will be donating our Lost & Found on Friday, February 10th, so please check it!