January 2015

1- A Big Thank You and Congratulations to everyone that participated in our Christmas Dance Recital! It was amazing and so much fun!

2- Miss Roxanne and I also want to take a moment to thank everyone that gave us Christmas presents. We are so overwhelmed at how thoughtful you all were this holiday season. And thanks for the donation of food. We delivered 42 pounds of food to the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank. And thank you to everyone that donated a gift or gift card for our Angel Tree. The family was very gracious and appreciative of what were able to do for them this holiday season.

3- Remember that tuition is due this month by the 9th and costume fees are due for the June recital by Thursday, January 15th. It takes costume companies sometimes 4 months to make all of our costumes and get them shipped to us, so this needs to be paid on time.

4- Teachers will start to measure your child this week so that we make sure we order your child the right size costumes. On younger children we will add 1.5 inches in case they grow between now and June.

5- This is your last month to drop or switch a class. Costumes will be ordered and recital choreography will begin. If you drop a class after January 31st you will still be charged for that class through June.

6- Inclement Weather policy: If we need to close due to bad weather, please check our Facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook page, go to our website (www.FredericksburgStudio.com) and click on the little Facebook icon. Decisions for after school classes will be made by 2:00 and decisions for Tuesday morning classes will be made by 8:30. We do not go by Spotsylvania County Schools closings. We make our own decision. If nothing is written on our Facebook page, then we are obviously open. Each class and private lesson is allowed 2 cancellations before it will be made up.

I hope everyone has a fantastic 2015!!
Laura Romani