1-Congratulations to everyone that participated in our Dance Recital! You all did a BEAUTIFUL job!

2-Due to the snow, we are extending January tuition until Thursday, January 13th. By the 14th, we will be processing all January Tuition and costumes. If you want to pay with costumes not with your card on file, please pay the front desk by January 13th.

3-January 20th is the LAST day you can change your enrollment. So if your child wants to add a class, switch a class, or drop a class it must be done by the 20th! If you child wants to drop a class at a later time, you will still need to pay for the class through May.

4-Each class and private lesson is allowed to have 2 inclement weather days. If your child is in a dance class on a Thursday and we miss 1 or 2 Thursdays due to bad weather, a make-up class will not be offered. If we end up missing a third class, we will then schedule a make-up class on a Saturday or during Spring Break. We will announce closures on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Even if you do not have a Facebook page, you can go to our website, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and you will see a small logo with an “f.” Click on that icon and it will send you to our Facebook Page. We do not follow Spotsylvania County Schools for this decision. Sometimes, the roads are bad in the mornings, but by late afternoon, the snow has melted. It will be announced on Social Media by 2pm.

5-Due to the rise in COVID cases, everyone entering our building will need to wear a mask. Mask breaks will be given for students and if a student has a medical issue with masks, please email us and let us know so his or her teacher is aware. Teachers will make sure the students are not touching and are spread out as much as possible. And we will be extra diligent about sanitizing in between classes.