With Jesse in Studio Centre:                       With Miss Sam in Studio A:

11-1 Supremes/Elites                                    10-11 Riley & Samantha

1-3 Teens/Premieres                                     11-12:30 Teen Company

3-4 Minis/Petites                                           1-2 Addison & McKenna




**I understand a few of you have told me about conflicts. But if you can work out being at the studio for this make-up day, that would be AMAZING!

With Jesse in Studio Centre:

11-1 Minis/Petities

12-3 (we may stay a teensy bit later, we will know once Saturday’s rehearsal is done) Premieres, Teens, Elites, Supremes. We will have everyone together from 12-1 and the minis/petites will be released by 1:00.


**Also, Miss Sam MIGHT call in students during the week if school is still closed, but we can be open.


Thank you for your cooperation! Please stay safe and warm!