1-I saw a lot of jewelry and nail polish on picture day. Except for VERY small stud earrings, no jewelry is allowed and no nail polish is allowed and make sure that your child wears nude undergarments under their costumes. The best thing to do is to buy a nude leotard at Dancer’s Wardrobe that your child can wear under their costumes the whole time.

2-Dress Rehearsal: Friday, June 16th at Riverbend High School. This is a MANDATORY rehearsal. If your child does not attend dress rehearsal they cannot participate in the recital on Saturday. This is also a closed rehearsal, meaning that parents are not allowed in the auditorium and the only parents allowed backstage in the dressing rooms are the parents on our list. You are allowed to come to the dressing room and get your child ready, but then you have to leave. You can go out and run errands or you can stay in the high school lobby. Your child can leave once they are done with their routine(s).
Students in Act I need to arrive at 4:00 to start at 4:30. Students in Act II arrive at 5:30 to start no later than 6:00. If students are in both acts, make sure they bring something to entertain them and some nut-free snacks and water. We are hoping dress rehearsal will be done by 9:00. We may call in some dancers to arrive before the recital on Saturday to rehearse. This will most likely be combined classes and leads. Please check our Facebook page by 10pm Friday, June 16th to see if your child is needed.

3-Recital: If your child is not called in early to rehearse, they need to arrive by 2:15, check-in, and stay in their assigned dressing room until the end of the recital.

4-If you purchased a trophy for your child you can pick this up on the day of the recital in the lobby.

5-No flash photography or videotaping is allowed at the recital. The Siecks (that did our AMAZING pictures) will be videotaping the recital and it will available for online purchase.

6-Tuition is due now. Tuition is late after Wednesday. We will not accept any payments after the 15th. If your account is not up to date by the 15th your child will not be allowed to participate in the recital.

7-If you have not registered for summer classes, please do so ASAP! Several classes are starting to fill up.