Saturday, December 14th
At the Studio
All students should arrive 10-15 minutes before their timeslot and should bring any sheet music they were given by their teacher if their songs are not memorized.

Noelle DeVera
Annalese Fusaro
Kinsley Gagnon
Cara Hadden
Emily Hall
Amy Kendall
Jayden Moon
Alexa Norbeck
Savannah Webb

Caroline Bayne
Nathan Clift
Samantha Clift
Tyler Clift
Christtany Harler
Melanie Harrison
Riley Koch
Austin Shilling

Keegan Frederick
Madie Halstead
Lauren Higgins
Madeline Malinowski
Lili McGrath
Natalie Moore
Megan Poff
Olivia Thomas
Kylie Westerbeck

All Acting Students