Studio Reminders:
1-Thank you to everyone for following our COVID policies. Keeping everyone safe is our main priority! Just please remember to wear your mask in between classes if you have a break. The only exception is if you are having a snack.

2-Tuition is due in between the 1st and the 7th of each month or a $20 late fee will be applied. Several people have their cards through our new online system, but the credit cards are not on Autopay, please double check this if you want to have the payment come out automatically. If you do not have it on autopay, we will not take it out and if it’s not paid by the 7th, a late fee will be applied.
-If your card is in our Studio Director system and you have selected Autopay, we will take the payment out each month on the 7th.
-Call Ms. Roxanne at 540-388-1479
-If your card is on file, you can text Ms. Roxanne at 540-388-1479 (You need to text her each month to verify it is okay for us to charge your card)
-Venmo us @FSA5678
-Come in to the studio to make your payment (Cash, check, or card).

3-After very careful thought and consideration, we will not be holding our annual “Nutcracker” performance this year. Firstly, we need to think of everyone’s healthy and safety. Secondly, Riverbend High School is a great space for social distancing, but they are not currently allowing anyone to rent their facilities until 2021. And finally, under current Virginia COVID guidelines, we are not allowed to be in a venue with more than 250 people. By the time we have our dancers and faculty in the building, each student would only be allowed to have 1 or 2 people attend to watch them. The studio would lose hundreds upon hundreds of dollars by the time we rent the school, rent a backdrop, pay our teachers, print programs, etc.



Important Dates:

November 1st-November 7th: November Tuition is due

Saturday, November 21st & Sunday, November 22nd: “Into the Woods” Shows

Tuesday, November 24th-Sunday, November 25th: Closed for Thanksgiving

December 1st-December 7th: December Tuition Due

Saturday, December 12th: “A Year with Frog & Toad” show

Sunday, December 13th: Christmas Music Recitals

Friday, December 19th-Sunday, January 3rd: Closed For Christmas!