1-November tuition is due now, as well as, your “Nutcracker” rental fees.

2-We have our first In-Studio “Nutcracker” rehearsal on Saturday, November 15th. This is mandatory for all students that are involved in “The Nutcracker.” Ballet III, Drosselmeyer, Dolls, and Fritz are needed from 11-12. Everyone else will be needed from 12-2. There is a chance that this will end early. Please make sure your child is wearing the ballet attire they would wear to class. Our second In-Studio rehearsal will take place on Saturday, December 13th from 11:30-1:00. 2-Our Christmas Dance Recital will take place at Riverbend High School. Remember that this recital is divided into 2 acts. Act I is “The Nutcracker” and involve all students in Ballet I-Ballet IX. Act II will be called “The 12 Days of Christmas” and it will involve students in all other forms of dance (tap, jazz, contemporary, tumbling, musical theatre, hip hop, pre-school classes, and combo classes). Dress rehearsals take place at the high school. We will bring “The Nutcracker” costumes; you will need to bring everything that was given to you on the costume sheet that was in your folder last week. Dress rehearsals are CLOSED rehearsal, which means no parents are allowed in the auditorium or backstage. Here are the times: Saturday, December 13th is Act II dress rehearsal. Students will need to arrive at 6:00 so we can start at 6:30. This should be done by 9:00. Make sure your child has eaten dinner beforehand. The recital order is also in your folder; once your child’s last dance is done they are free to go. We cannot perfectly guess when your child will be finished. Just give each dance a few minutes and try to do your best guess. Sunday, December 14th is “The Nutcracker” dress rehearsal. Students will need to arrive at 1:00 so we can start at 1:30. All other students will need to check in between 2:45-3:00. Our dance recital will begin at 3:30. If you are ONLY in the 2nd act, after you check in, you can go out and watch the 1st act and then immediately come backstage at intermission. If you are only in the 1st act, you are free to watch the 2nd act. All parents, family members, and friends will need to purchase tickets for $12. Tickets will go on sale on Monday, December 1st. We will have a whole recital packet for you soon.

3-We will be closed for Thanksgiving Break from Wednesday, November 26th-Sunday, November 30th.

4- Private lessons will only be rescheduled if 24 hours notice is given.

5- Because most classes are full and working on their recital dances, we won’t be doing any makeups if a class is missed.

6- Please encourage your child to have water during their break. But if they only need a sip, please have them do so at the water fountain or bring your own water bottle. If your child needs a bottle from our fridge, please make sure they write their name on it and that they take it home with them if they are not finished when class is done.

7-The music recital will take place on Saturday, December 6th. Times were in your folder and posted around the studio. There will also be an acting rehearsal that day. The acting recital will take place on Thursday, December 11th at 5:30.

8-We will be doing a food drive at the studio until November 21st. 9- Our “Once Upon a Time” June recital cast list will be announced in a few weeks!


Laura Romani