Studio Reminders:
1-Thank you to everyone for following our COVID policies. Keeping everyone safe is our main priority!

2-Tuition is due in between the 1st and the 7th of each month or a $20 late fee will be applied. Several people have their cards through our new online system, but the credit cards are not on autopay, please double check this if you want to have the payment come out automatically:
-Go to the studio director link in the email.
-Call Ms. Roxanne at 540-388-1479
-If your card is on file, you can text Ms. Roxanne at 540-388-1479
-Venmo us @FSA5678
-Come in to the studio to make your payment

3-October 26-29 students may wear their Halloween costume to the studio! Just make sure they can still dance in it and can wear their mask.

4-For constant updates check our Facebook page (and make sure you like our page!) and our website!

5-If you have signed up and need to drop a class, you must give 30-days notice by today, October 1st. October payment will still be due, but your child can still participate in the class. You are allowed to switch classes, but we will also need 30-days notice.

6-A great way to keep the arts alive is private music lessons! Mr. John has openings on Mondays here at the studio. He works in the music department at the University of Mary Washington and has his masters degree in music! He teaches piano, guitar, and ukulele!

Important Dates:
October 1st-October 7th: October Tuition is due

October 26th-29th: Wear your Halloween costume to dance!

November 1st-November 7th: November Tuition is due

Saturday, November 21st & Sunday, November 22nd: “Into the Woods” Shows

Tuesday, November 24th-Sunday, November 25th: Closed for Thanksgiving

December 1st-December 7th: December Tuition Due

Saturday, December 5th or Sunday, December 6th: Tentative Christmas Music Recital

Saturday, December 12th: “A Year with Frog & Toad” show

**We are still working on a venue for “The Nutcracker”