Onstage America 2018 Results!

This competition was huge! Almost 600 entries! And except for solos, they only awarded a top 5 in each division.

“I Found Myself” (Lili) Platinum
“Spoiled” (Sakari) Platinum
“Explosions” (Bella) High Platinum
“You Don’t Know” (Ashley) High Platinum, 9th overall in Advanced Teen Solos, & a Title Finalist
“Super Cut” (Shelbi) High Platinum, 7th overall in Advanced Teen Solos, & a Title Finalist
“Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been” (Taylor) Platinum
“Once Upon Another Time” (Grace) High Platinum
“Broadway Here I Come” High Platinum
“Someone in the Crowd” High Platinum
“Cavity” High Platinum
“Heist” High Platinum
“Praying” Diamond, 1st Place Overall in Teen Large Groups, & a Judge’s Award for “Use of Breath”
“Misdemeanor” Platinum
“When You Believe” Platinum
“Shake the Room” High Platinum & 2nd Overall in Intermediate Petite Small Groups
“Cooties” (Avery) Platinum
“All That Matters” (Catherine) Platinum
“Brand New Eyes” (Hannah) High Platinum, 2nd Overall in Junior Solos, & a Judge’s Award “You’re Something Special”
“Wings” (Izzy) Platinum
“Bravado” High Platinum
“City on Fire” High Platinum & 5th Overall in Advanced Teen Duet/Trios