Picture Day will be held at the studio on Saturday, May 31st. Please be on time. If your child’s picture is at 12:40 they need to be here in their costume with hair and makeup done at 12:39. We will not wait if you are running late.

 Heather Sieck, our photographer, will take group pictures, individual pictures, and will also do sibling pictures. She will have all information to order and you need to pay for your pictures on Picture Day.

 Some children will have a big gap in between pictures. I tried to accommodate everyone the best I could, but it is really tricky with so many students in so many different classes.

 Make-up: foundation/powder to help with shine. Pink Blush so their cheekbones do not wash out. Keep eye shadow pretty neutral with brown hues. Mascara and eyeliner. And red lips. Children under the age of 8 do not need to wear eyeliner.

 Last week you received your information on what your child needs for their shoes/tights/hair. Make sure on Picture Day that you have everything you need.

9:15 Competition Team
11:00 Adv. II & III Ballet
11:10 Int. II Ballet
11:20 Int. I Ballet
11:30 Adv. I & II Jazz
11:40 Int. I Jazz
11:50 Int. III/Adv. I Ballet
12:00 Int. II Musical Theatre
12:10 Pointe
12:20 Int. I Contemporary
12:30 Adv. I & II Contemporary
12:40 Int. II Jazz
12:50 Int. I Musical Theatre
1:00 Adv. I Musical Theatre
1:10 Adv. II Tap
1:20 Beg. II Contemporary
1:30 Beg. I Tap
1:40 Creative Movement
1:50 Int. II Contemporary
2:00 Adv. I Hip Hop
2:10 Int. I Tap
2:20 Adv. I Tap
2:30 Tiny Tappers
2:40 Beg. II Jazz
2:50 Tumbling
3:00 Beg. II Tap
3:10 Int. II Tap
3:20 Beg. I & II Musical Theatre
3:30 Pre-Ballet
3:40 Int. I Hip Hop
3:50 Tap/Jazz Combo
4:00 Beg. I & II Ballet
4:10 Int. II Hip Hop
4:20 Boy’s Hip Hop
4:30 Beg. I Hip Hop
4:40 Beg. I Jazz
4:50 Beg. III Ballet
5:00 Beg. I Contemporary
5:10 Ballet/Tap Combo
5:20 Ballet/Jazz Combo