1-Your $60 Recital Fee should be paid by now. Because we charge this fee there are no tickets and anyone can come and watch the recital. Seating will be on a first come, first serve basis.

2- Many costumes are now in. We do not have the space to store these for you so please take them home and store them in a safe place. Once the costume is taken home, we will not be responsible for any alternations/exchanges.

3-T-shirts will be on sale until Friday, April 18th. They are $22 and are a wonderful memory for your child to have!

4- We will be selling trophies this year. There is a picture up on the bulletin board of what they look like. They will be available upfront at Riverbend High School on the day of the recital. They are $20 and need to be ordered by May 2nd.

5- Information about DVD’s will be available soon.

6- Picture day is Saturday, May 31st. An exact schedule will be available in a few weeks.

7-Your list of tights/shoes/hair styles will be available in the next few weeks as well!

8- We are going to be getting our programs professionally done this year. Therefore, we are selling space for advertisements and congratulations. They will be in black and white. A full page is 4.5×7.5 and will be $100, a half page is 4.5×3.75 and will be $75, and a ¼ of page is 4.5×2 will be $40. These will be due by May 2nd as well. We will have order forms you can fill out. We had almost 1000 people attend our recital last year so please know that many people will see our program.

9-Last, but not least, are the times:

DRESS REHEARSAL will be held at Riverbend High School. Please look at the cast list to see if your child is in the first and/or second act. If your child is ONLY in the first act they need to arrive at Riverbend by 12:30. They should be done around 3ish. Everyone that is in the second act only will need to arrive at 3:00 and should be done around 7:30. If you are in both acts this will be a long day because you will be called from 12:30-7:30. Remember this is a dress rehearsal so all costumes and accessories will be worn, as well as, hair and makeup needs to be done. And youMUST attend Dress Rehearsal to be in the Recital. No exceptions!

THE RECITAL will be held at Riverbend High School. “The Wizard of Oz” will begin at 4:00pm. All students need to arrive in between 3:00-3:15 to check in and will stay backstage the whole entire time. I believe the recital will be over around 6:30. The doors for seating will open at 3:45.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Laura Romani and the FSA Staff