Welcome back to FSA’s 6th year!
1-Congrats to the Cast of “The Nutcracker.” There is a $25 rental fee for the costumes for each dance your child is in. That is due by November 1st! There are two mandatory in-studio rehearsals. One is Saturday, November 15th and the other is Saturday, December 13th.

2-Our Dress Rehearsal for the Christmas Recital is Saturday, December 13th for all students in Act II (All dance classes that are not Ballet I-IX). Times TBD, but it will be evening time. And all Act I students are ballet students that are in “The Nutcracker.” Their dress rehearsal will be Sunday, December 14th, in the morning.

3-The recital will be on Sunday, December 14th at Riverbend High School. Tickets are $12. Time TBD.

4-Remember that your tuition is due by the 5th of the month or it is considered late and there will be a $20 fee added.

5- Our June Recital theme will be “Once Upon a Time.” The cast list will be announced in November.

6-Please adhere to our dress code. If you have any questions about it, there was a list in your registration packet and there is one on the bulletin board.

7- Be respectful in the studio at all times. This goes for our dancers, as well as, their siblings. And please be conscious of noise outside the private music rooms.

8- Borrowing spare dance shoes are for emergency situations only. And please do not wear your dance shoes outside. It ruins your shoes and our dance floors.

9- Because of allergies, there will be no nut products in the studio. This includes George’s Pizza, Chik-fil-a, and Five Guys because they use peanut oil.

10-And check our Facebook page and our website for updates!

Let’s make this the best year yet!!
Laura Romani