1-Welcome to FSA’s 7th dance season. All tuition was required when you registered for classes. If you have not completed your registration, please do so at your child’s first class. For the following months, tuition is required by the 7th of each month or a $20 late fee will be added to your account.

2-Our 2015 “Nutcracker” cast list is up. We cast the leads for this ballet to returning students only. If your child is new to FSA and would like to be cast as a lead in 2016 “Nutcracker” he or she will need to show dedication and discipline in all classes.

3-I want to remind everyone that we are a “Nut Free” studio. We have many students with nut allergies. So if your child brings a snack with them, please make sure there are no nuts. This also includes Chik-fil-a, Five Guys, and George’s pizza.

4-If your child is in a ballet class (Ballet I-VI) or in a company ballet class, they will have a $25 costume rental fee. This is due by November 1st. If your child is in any other dance class and plans to be in the recital, their costume will be tan tights, black dance shorts, appropriate shoes, and you will need to purchase a Christmas t-shirt. T-shirts will be $20 and this will also be due on November 1st. We will take size orders starting October 19th.

5-Please adhere to our dress code. If you have any questions about it, there was a list in your registration packet and there is one on the bulletin board.

6-For constant updates, please check our Facebook page.