1-Welcome to FSA’s 8th dance season! All tuition was required when you registered for classes. If you have not completed your registration, please do so at your child’s first class. For the following months, tuition is required by the 7th of each month or a $20 late fee will be added to your account.

2-Our “Nutcracker” cast list will be posted on Monday, September 12th. We are switching it up some and a few other classes that are not strictly ballet classes will be added to the “Nutcracker.”

3-I want to remind everyone that we are a “Nut Free” studio. We have many students with nut allergies. So if your child brings a snack with them, please make sure there are no nuts. This also includes Chik-fil-a, Five Guys, and George’s pizza.

4-Please adhere to our dress code. If you have any questions about it, there was a list in your registration packet and there is one on the bulletin board.

5- For constant updates, please check our Facebook page, as well as, our website www.FredericksburgStudio.com, and continue to check your family folder.

6- We are so excited to have so many returning students, but we are also thrilled to have so many new faces at FSA. Sometimes the information can be a lot. Starting in October we will have an ALL ABOUT RECITAL page on our website. This will help you with better understanding how these events work.

7-If you have signed up and need to drop a class, you must give 30-days notice by October 1st. October payment will still be due, but your child can still participate in the class. You are allowed to switch classes, but we will also need 30-days notice.

8-To participate in the “Nutcracker” (which is the 1st Act of our December recital) you need to be enrolled in the class by October 1st. If your class is selected to be in the 2nd Act, you need to be enrolled by the end of October.


Important Dates:

September 12: “The Nutcracker” Cast List will be posted

October 1-7: October Tuition is due

October 15th: Mandatory In-Studio “Nutcracker” rehearsal.

October 28th: FSA’s annual Trunk or Treat Party 7:00-9:00

October 31st: Studio Closed

November 1-7: November Tuition is due. Also, all students in “The Nutcracker” will have a $25 costume rental fee per dance.

November 22-November 27: Closed for Thanksgiving

December 1-7: December Tuition is due

December 3: Mandatory In-Studio “Nutcracker” rehearsal.

December 10: Christmas Music Recital so all students in voice, piano, & guitar lessons. Times TBD.

December 17: Mandatory Christmas Recital Dress Rehearsal at Riverbend High School. Times TBD.

December 18: Christmas Dance Recital at Riverbend High School. Times TBD.