Studio Reminders:

1-No food or drinks, beside water, in the dressing room. Water is the only thing allowed in Studio Centre. If you need to eat, you must do so in the Main Building lobby.

2-Tuition is due in between the 1st and the 7th of each month or a $20 late fee will be applied.

3-Remember we are a “nut free” studio. So no peanuts, peanut butter, tree nuts, Chick-fil-a, or Five guys.

4-For constant updates check our Facebook page (and make sure you like our page!) and our website!

5-If you have signed up and need to drop a class, you must give 30-days notice by October 1st. October payment will still be due, but your child can still participate in the class. You are allowed to switch classes, but we will also need 30-days notice.

6-We are encouraging as much mask wearing as we can. With our dancers back in school full-time, a more contagious strain, and most of our clientele being unable to get vaccinated this is the best way to keep us dancing safely together.

7-Our “Nutcracker” and Christmas Act II Cast List will be announced soon! Anyone in “The Nutcracker” portion of our recital will have a $50 production fee for each dance your child is in. This includes some extra Saturday rehearsal time and costume rental. This fee is due by October 7th. We are selecting fuller classes to be in Act II of our dance recital, so not every student will be participating in our December recital, but everyone will be in our May recital!


Important Dates:

Tuesday, September 7th: First day of classes!!

October 1st-October 7th: October Tuition is due. Plus your “Nutcracker” production fee.

Thursday, October 21st: Need to be enrolled to participate in “The Nutcracker”

Friday, October 29th: Trunk-Or-Treat 6:00-8:00

November 1st-November 7th: November Tuition is due

Tuesday, November 23rd-Sunday, November 26th: Closed for Thanksgiving

December 1st-December 7th: December Tuition Due

Saturday, December 4th or Sunday, December 5th: Tentative Christmas Music Recital

Saturday, December 11th & Sunday, December 12th: “Legally Blonde” Jr. Shows

Saturday, December 18th: “The Nutcracker” Tentative date