1-Just a reminder to pay your March tuition now. We understand with the snow that some people may be late, so please get this to us as soon as possible.


2- The $60 June Recital fee is due with your April tuition. This is $60 per family, but remember that there are no tickets. It is free for all of your family members and friends to attend.


3-“The Wizard of Oz” dates are official. The Dress Rehearsal is on Saturday, June 21st is dress rehearsal and the recital is on Sunday, June 22nd. These will take place at Riverbend High School and times will be determined.


4-The Music and Acting will take place on Saturday, May 17th at the studio. Times will be announced soon.

5-We will be scheduling make up classes due to the snow. We are very busy the next few weekends because of our dance company having their competitions. We are looking to do make-ups on May 3rd and May 10th. Classes that need make ups are: Beg. II Tap, Beg. I Musical Theatre, Beg. II Musical Theatre, Company Technique, Adv. I Jazz, Adv. I Contemporary, Int. II Jazz, Acting I, Acting II, Adv. II Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Adv. III Ballet, Pointe II, Beg. III Ballet, Tap/Ballet Combo, both sections of Int. I Musical Theatre, Int. II Ballet, Int, I Ballet, Adv. II/III Ballet, Adv. II Contemporary, Adv. II Jazz, Tap/Jazz Combo, Int. II Musical Theatre, Adv. I Musical Theatre, and several private dance and music lessons. Plus, the Tuesday morning classes need 2 make-up days that we schedule on some upcoming Thursday mornings. We will have the exact time for you by next week.

6-And now our new website is up!! Check out www.FredericksburgStudio.com when you can!!


7-Our summer schedule will be out by the end of the month!


8-With the weather becoming nicer please remember that you cannot wear your dance shoes outside. The dirt on the bottom of the shoes will ruin our dance floors. So please wear your street shoes and then change into your dance shoes.